Group Programs

Mindset Management Systems have developed group courses, which will raise everyone’s awareness of how they actually function and why.

This always comes as a great surprise, but makes so much sense to the participants especially when the realization of how that understanding and awareness can change their environment around them and their lives.

The courses will be designed ​​to make them relevant to any group’s situation, for instance a specific Sport, Work environment, Youth group or Other situations. Our unique grounded course structure allows us this flexibility 

Introduction in to Mindset

This is a great anytime 2-3 hrs group session. It will be designed for your groups requirements, aiming to deliver a understanding on: What is mindset? Why is control of it is beneficial? How it effects our Life, Business, Sport, Relationships and everything we do.

It's a fantastic place to start from, exploring the misconceptions some have on the subject. Discussing how a person can change their attitude, how getting understanding on how you function and why you have the attitudes and habits you do. We will also give you strategies on how to change your habits and your perception of the world.

Making It Happen​​​​​

This is the foundation course of all our programs, it is essential to complete before moving on to ‘completing the puzzle’ course. This is a packed one-day program were we will get you thinking on how working with your mindset effects your world and activity's. Your group will be learning new and exciting strategies, finding out why people can be so negative as individuals and groups. How to build up their own self confidence along with those around them, making this a great team building program too.

We will cover subjects that will grow your understanding and awareness of how important your mindset is and why it is such a massive part of any success and happiness in your life. We will enhance easy techniques that will be useful and usable everyday in what ever you are doing. Here are just some of the exciting new things that you will learn.

Understanding the Conscious and Unconscious mind, Decide and Commit, Breaking Comfort Zones, Effects of Self-sabotage, Using Meditation and Visualization, MMS sports Shot Program,

Completing the Puzzle

Delivered as the second day of a two day program combined with making it happen or as an advanced day run separately. We will explore in depth the how to take complete control of our mindset, protect and grow our confidence and performance. With a lot more of our famous process programs and strategies to be learnt and expanded on, it is important that the foundation course is completed first. 

We will cover subjects and strategies that will be useful everyday, here are some of the exciting new things that you will learn to co-inside and enhance what you learnt from the foundation course.

Responsibility of the Conscious and Unconscious, How Cause and Effect shapes your world, How to Change Your State, Healthy Eating and Nutrition,  Deeper Visualization and Meditation.