Question: How do I get started?     Answer: It’s easy once you have contacted us and decided YES this is for me. Welcome to the team. Now, we will guide you from here. Together we will make an appointment for your first session and you are off and running. You will then receive an email with your questionnaire this is an important part of the starting process, so it’s important you are very honest with the answers so we can assess your current position.  

Question: How do I choose the best program for me?    Answer:  The next step is to Contact us so we can have a chat and discuss the best option for you and your circumstances.

Question: What if I don’t live near your location or even in the same country as you?    Answer: That’s not a problem as we use a live internet platform like Skype, Facebook or Zoom for all our programs. We already have international clients, so it’s been tried and tested.

Question: How do I pay?   Answer: The normal procedure is that we send you an invoice for payment via email before you start the program. This will be via PayPal so it’s a click and pay, with either your PayPal account or Credit, Debit card, no hassle and secure.

Question: Can I spread the payment somehow?      Answer: We can do two payments 1st at the start and a 2nd before session 4. Some find it easy to use a interest free credit card so they can pay over a given time. That's why we use PayPal. We will always consider your individual circumstances if some other arrangements are needed, we will just need to have a chat and find the solution together.   

Question: What happens when I finish my program?    Answer: Once you are part of the team you can enroll in to one of our maintenance groups. We want to continue being part of your success and are dedicated to helping you reach your greatest achievements. Together we will achieve your Dreams, a winning team.

Question: What if I am not happy with something after I have started a program?     Answer: We pride ourselves on our referral business so your satisfaction is our up most concern. So it is important you let us know if you’re not happy with something. I can assure you we will do whatever is necessary to resolve any conflicts, it is in our interest to have successful and happy clients.