About Us

Tracey & Peter Grayer are Performance Enhancement Mindsets coaches.
We specialize in helping people in sports and personal development to overcome any problems that they may be having that affects their performance and or their development, put simply we help anyone from all skill levels to maximize their ability.

We work with you, giving practical solutions to practical problems on your mindset including lack of focus, panic blocks, unable to release, negative thoughts, unreliable performance, competition pressure, outside influences and anything that stops you getting the best out of your skill level.

We will give you the understanding of why these things happen to you and why you feel them. We have in place systems, programs and tools that enhance your game, for example we have Shot programs, pre-event /event / post -event programs that work for you to remove all doubts and unwanted pressure, giving you confidence  and consistency  to just go out there and play at your best.

Tracey is also an Advanced Personal Development coach, who can help you with day to day life or with something that has emerged in life recently. She is a compassionate and perfect listener. We are not here to judge or give opinions just to listen and care.

What can we help you with today? Are you having trouble with anything at the moment that you feel is holding you back from performing at your best? Lets us know, contact us.

Just to give you an idea of what it is I actually have done in the past and what I'm actually about doing now.
I've WON
6 X State ladies champion
2 X National ladies champion
I've also been very, very lucky, to be part of the Australian team (this was one of my life highlights), to go over to New Zealand and represent Australia as part of the Australian team for my sport.

4 years I was National Coaching Director. 
5 years I have been State Coaching Director
I am a Presenter and Assessor for Shooting Australia
My biggest achievement for the work that I have done was in 2013 from Shooting Australia when I was honored with Coach of the Year;.
I had written and completed all the Presenter and Athlete information for the organization manuals for the club coach course and for the competition coach course.
I also sat on the coaching committee for Shooting Australia, which was absolute fantastic, we actually designed the programs and the courses there today for the three different levels of coaching, so I've had a lot of experience in the past, I have had some really good wins and I've also had my share of input into a lot of the coaching within my sport.

I went over to Texas USA for training with Olympic gold medalist Lanny Bassham; We learn a lot of different techniques from him. 
We came back to Australia and put this all together into a coaches manual and workbook for my athletes, I am running courses for groups, I have one on one clients (in person or Skype), I am also running presentations for large groups all from the experience that I’ve gained from doing all these different things through my shooting experience and through what I've learnt on my journey. I believe it's all the things that I have done that made me into the good coach that I am.

With the mindset work, I have so much more capacity to helping people, before I always believe there was something missing and could never understand what that was and then in the end I just said you know what? I need to sort this out I need to find out what that bit is that's missing and believe you me its wasn’t easy, but it's definitely a mindset that makes the different between ‘nearly winning to won!!’

We have changed so many people’s lives with just giving them techniques that are changing their game in a big way. I'm not saying it's easy? It’s not an easy thing to do, because you have to retrain the way you think and the way you believe, also in the way you understand yourself, to be honest it's the best thing you can do for yourself, it is so valuable.

They say 20% skill 80% mindset and I truly believe that, it could possibly be more than that to be honest because once you've got your skill level the rest of it is mindset, being there on the day or before you need to perform and getting the job done. 
It’s the answer it really is.

I now find that with the information I have, that I really do need to share it with other people. I have looked for so long for this kind of information and I couldn't find it anywhere even though the information was readily available and I'm not reinventing the wheel, it's just putting it into an order for people to understand it, they actually use my process and I show you techniques on how to use that process and actually help you, if you have any problems I have an ongoing one-on-one plan, no problem with talking to me and discuss it with me and we put the right plan together for you, that's what I offer you.

I have not found anyone else able to do this and I believe I am unique in this within sports in Australia. 
So if you believe I can help you or even if you're not sure… give me a call and let's have a discussion I am happy to talk to anyone from any sports regarding getting your mindset right. I have a passion for mindset and I believe that MINDSET is what gets you the results that you need.